The Early Years


  • Firco Continuity is FircoSoft’s flagship watch list filtering solution designed to ensure compliance and detect and block transactions including listed parties. Firco Continuity is multi-alphabet ready and can be interfaced to any banking application, operates on all major platforms, and filters any message type including SWIFT, FEDWIRE, and SEPA. The solution can filter against any sanction lists (such as EU, OFAC, HMT, and UN), third-party lists or internal watch lists.

Firco Trust is a customer and entity screening solution that combines filtering intelligence with high performance processing capabilities. With Firco Trust, users can implement Know Your Customers (KYC) programs by filtering existing and new customers, counterparts or beneficiaries against any sanctions, PEPs or negative news list in batch, real-time or on-demand. Firco Trust enables a risk-based approach to scan customer databases, and offers a web-based user interface to streamline and expedite decision making. 2009

  • Concluded a distributorship agreement with European based country to market and distribute its PortWise software – Trusted Identity and Access Management specialist
  • iWave also entered into distribution agreements with the following:
    • Strategic Labor, Incorporated for Strategic Workforce Scheduler
    • Intelligent Wave, Incorporated for ACE Plus
    • Open Solutions, Incorporated for Total Banking Solution and Loans Origination System
    • IEST, Incorporated for InstaWin and XChangeBet


  • Concluded a distributorship agreement with Intelligent Wave Inc. (Japan) to market and distribute its Cyber-Warning Alert and Termination (CWAT) software – the world’s most comprehensive extrusion security management.


  • Intelligent Wave Philippines, Inc. (iWave) has moved out of its office in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig and settled in its newly owned home at 9th Floor of Philippine AXALife Center located at the corners of Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue in Makati City.


  • Successful Implementation of Public Loan System for Aeon Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.
  • Successful Implementation of Cash Card Application for Banco De Oro Universal Bank.


  • Successful Implementation of SM GIFT Card for SM Shoemart, Inc.
  • Successful Implementation of Aeon Spot Personal Loan System for Aeon Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.


  • Implementation of Development Bank of the Philippines CASA Migration Project.


  • Successful Implementation of the first Electronic Payment Gateway System with Equitable Card Network through San Miguel Beer’s launching of internet-based ordering and automated payment system.
  • Successful Implementation of Y2K Compliance related projects for all clients, local and overseas.


  • Successful implementation of Credit Card Authorization and Switching System (CCPack) for the Equitable Card Network, the leading credit card network in the Philippines.


  • Successful Implementation of ATMPack System for Aeon Hong Kong.


  • PT. Intelligent Wave, Indonesia, a new company formed as a joint venture agreement of Intelligent Wave, Incorporated (Japan), Intelligent Wave Philippines, Inc. and an Indonesian group of businessmen. It aims to provide software distribution, technical consultation and other computer related services in Jakarta, Indonesia (Currently suspended its operation since March 1999).


  • Implemented ATM and POS System in Yangon, Myanmar.


  • Provided the turn-key applications and hardware solution to Equitable Card Network, the principal gateway of the Visa and Mastercard international credit card network, for its POS Gateway Manager.


  • Implemented the ATM System in Thailand and Indonesia.


  • Formed East Asia Institute of Computer Technology with the Far Eastern University, IBM Philippines and Shoemart, Inc. IWPI supports this major institution of learning by providing on-the-job training for its graduating students through six months, full-time internship program.
  • The first version of the ATMPack was developed. This version is to be the forerunner of one of IWPI’s most marketable banking application software.


  • Strategic partnership with Equitable Computer Services (Equicom), a subsidiary of Equitable Banking Corporation, a major Philippine commercial bank and the country’s gateway for the International Visa and Mastercard credit card network. Equicom is also the distributor of Stratus line of fault tolerant front-end processors.
  • The Manila Representative Office was incorporated as a Philippine corporation, to be known as Intelligent Wave Philippines, Inc. or IWPI. This restructuring was inevitable owing to the rapidly increasing demand for the services and products that have been developed and distributed by the representative office. More importantly, it was to be the start of an unsurpassed organization and industry growth of IWPI.


  • Intelligent Wave Philippines, Inc. began as the Manila Representative Office of Intelligent Wave, Inc. of Tokyo, Japan. It was established to provide a two-fold task of supporting its Philippine clients as a liaison office in conducting research and development on business information systems adapted to the cutting edge technology available to the firm. The representative office was effective on these tasks.