Token Mobile One – Time Password

One-Time Passwords (OTP) sent via SMS (text message) offer the convenience of using a mobile phone while adding the security of out-of-band delivery. Leveraging  ubiquitous devices to secure logins such as mobile phone provides a number of benefits for both the end-users and IT departments as the mobile phones are inherently user-friendly device.

Besides being familiar to the end-user, OTPs via SMS features true out-of-band delivery as phone networks are separate and unique channel. Malware attacks are thwarted as OTPs delivered through the phone network is hard to intercept.

iWAVE’s Mobile Token-less OTP Manager is able to address the of  issues of cost, inconvenience and deployment for companies needing two-factor authentication by reinforcing the following facts:

  • Authentication – simple and easy to use (manageable)
  • IT Administrator – simple to deploy, scalable, minimal disruption in existing business processes (can be implemented in just about any operating system)
  • User – convenient and user-friendly (customers use the devices they already have, and no software needs to be installed in those devices)
  • Company – minimal capital investment and on-going maintenance. Low Total Cost Ownership (TCO) compared to hardware tokens