SWITCHPack® is a UNIX-based transaction switching application software that acts as a switching gateway between merchants and card issuers. Its main objective is to send merchant requests to the right network for inter-host transaction authorization.


SWITCHPack® offers an unprecedented operating reliability throughout the transaction due to the following: 

The Equipment 

SWITCHPack® is designed to operate on and take full advantage of a hardwarebased line controller. This line controller is responsible for communicating to the hardware equipment and devices (e.g., POS, Host machine, Switch Network, etc.). Thus, providing high speed switching and quick response time. 

The Software 

SWITCHPack® in conjunction with the hardware architecture, supports a continuous 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation. It is a multi-tasking system designed using a client-server architecture. SWITCHPack® is written
in 100% C-language and fully utilizes UNIX resources.  

SWITCHPack® is expandable in a number of ways to accommodate newrequirements such as: 

  • š Different types of Point-of-Sale (POS) interface
  • š Interface to numerous Switching Networks
  • š Interface to Host system 


SWITCHPack®, unlike other applications, is designed to have an open architecture that provides flexible interface which conforms to most of the client’s specifications and requirements.


SWITCHPack® fully utilizes TSP (Transaction Server Platform) developed by INTELLIGENT WAVE PHILIPPINES, INC. It is an on-line transaction processing software engine for UNIX-based systems, particularly UNIX SVR4. TSP is designed for high volume transaction processing, providing the ability to support a wide variety of financial applications and flexibility to be modified for connection to almost any network. 

TSP provides SWITCHPack® the necessary transaction routing/switching and interfaces to different systems. It also provides services like transaction logging, process control, process scheduling and a timer system, to achieve optimum response time.